"Your Blueprint to Filling Up Your Calendar"

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This recording is for reps who want to keep their calendar full, once and for all, and for leaders who want a proven system to support their team! How content are you with the number of parties on your calendar? How many of your consultants are blocked by ‘PHONE PHOBIA?’

During this 50 minute training you will learn:

  • What prevents consultants from picking up the phone and how a shift in service perspective can increase your results tenfold!
  • An authentic philosophy to approaching others that naturally attracts opportunity. Yes, you’ll learn how to leave phone messages and ask questions that honor the person you’re calling and create a connection unlike ever before.
  • I’ll show you a system that attracts orders, bookings, new consultants, and relationship.
  • Hello… it’s the obvious, a calendar filled with opportunity and esteem about yourself, what you offer and who you are in all that you do!
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